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Theta Healing Technique:  Death, Dying and Grief

After three decades working in the evidence-based medical world, it has taken me several years to gain confidence in my ability to use the Theta Healing Technique.  It is a relatively new technique with little research to back it up (though that is coming).   I wanted ‘miracles’ from the technique as Viana Stible, the creator of the technique, experienced. I also wanted an evidence-base.  I had experienced major changes in my own life, including shifting a lifelong fear of performance/public speaking.  But no miracles.  I was getting feedback in my follow-up calls that clients were shifting in a big way, too.  But no miracles.  So I still had my doubts.  That all changed just over a year ago. I was privileged to help a close friend of the family ‘cross over’ and find peace before he died.  Jerry had bone cancer (along with several other cancers and ailments) and was in severe pain.  He had anxiety about leaving his beloved friends and family behind. He was a veteran with more than 40 years in the Navy and a pragmatic fellow.  He consented to a Theta session and noted an immediate release of the pain and an awareness of something greater.  Over the next couple weeks I was called on several times to use the Theta Healing techniques to release the pain of the bone cancer and the anxiety of ‘dropping the body’.  I did these sessions effectively both in person and remotely via phone.  I also helped the family members, who were very close knit and loved him dearly, work through the grief they were experiencing by using the Theta Healing Technique with them.  I felt very privileged and knew without a doubt after working with Jerry and his family that the Theta Technique was very powerful – and that God (or Buddha, or Source or Creator or however you define that energy of creation) would take care of the issue in the highest and best way and I could trust in my ability to be the conduit of that energy.  

I recently assisted another client in crossing over after a 3-year battle with breast cancer.  My human self had hoped the Theta sessions would help her recover, but in the end, God had other plans.  A close friend of hers (and another Theta client) wrote to me of the impact the Theta Healing Technique had on his friend’s life.   Here is a portion of what he wrote:

‘Sessions with you changed Pam's views on her life's journey and she became a different person – ‘enlightened’ and         happy and in peace with what was happening to her body! She received so many answers to the questions she’d always asked.
Thank you for your guidance to the Light of The Creator of All There Is!
I just wanted to share with you what is happening and how important your guidance (has been) for both of us.  I will always be grateful for that!’       - M.O.  client

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